Circular economy - optimal participation

At All Freez, we fully understand that "taking care of our planet" is a top priority.
We therefore make every effort to cooperate on this by limiting the waste stream, using energy and water sustainably and using packaging materials thoughtfully.

Reducing the waste stream in production 

  • Reuse packaging materials wherever possible
  • Carefully sorting of used packaging
  • Reusing ingredients

Sustainable use of energy and water

  • Water consumption and purification are closely monitored and adjusted
  • Energy consumption is reduced by optimal production planning
  • Renewable energy projects are rolled out 

Smart use of packaging materials 

  • We continuously work on implementing innovative solutions to reduce the use of plastic in our production
  • In our production, we only use packaging consisting of mono materials. 

These materials are recycled separately and reused for further processing; 
For optimal participation in a "circular economy" 

We closely follow innovative developments worldwide and are continuously researching the use of environmentally friendly alternatives in order to contribute to a circular economy and sustainable production.